Steam Deck Docking Station
Steam Deck Docking Station
Steam Deck Docking Station
Steam Deck Docking Station
Steam Deck Docking Station
Steam Deck Docking Station
Steam Deck Docking Station
Steam Deck Docking Station
Steam Deck Docking Station


Steam Deck Docking Station

Sale price$39.99 USD
We will gonna ship 100 orders this week. So far we have already shipped 200 orders in total. The next batch will be produced and shipped in 06/28.
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  • 【5-in-1 Docking Station for Steam Deck】Equipped with an HDMI 4K@60Hz output, an RJ45/Ethernet input, a USB-C port for charging, and dual USB-A 2.0 ports, letting you explore a new way to play with Steam Deck.
  • 【4K@60Hz HDMI Output】The Steam Deck Dock comes with a 4K@60Hz HDMI 2.0 output. When you connect an external 4K monitor, it can provide you sharper and smoother visual experience, so you can enjoy the visual feast on your games.
  • 【Full Charging Speed for Steam Deck】JSAUX Steam Deck docking station supports 100W Max power delivery, which is sufficient to charge your Steam Deck at full speed when paired with the original charger. [Note: the MAX charging speed of Steam Deck is 45W]
  • 【A Perfect Combination】JSAUX all-in-1 Steam Deck docking station blends Hub and stands together perfectly. You don't have to buy a regular hub and a stand base for your Steam Deck, which is not only easier for you to use, but also keeps your desktop neat and organized.
  • 【Compatibility】 The Docking Station is designed for the Steam Deck, but it is also compatible with iPads and Android phones with USB-C ports.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Colin Taylor
What Valve couldn't do yet, JSAUX nailed it!

Brilliant piece of kit. Does everything you need, works flawlessly plug and play. Props to you guys for a superb job. And at a super decent price too. Thanks.

Michele Magnardini
Great piece of kit

The steam deck docking station is a great piece of kit with full aluminium body and solid build it oozes quality. It’s been successfully tested with a variety of screens and resolutions, no complaints here at all. Looking forward to the improved model with usb 3, faster ethernet, etc...

Holden Hodgdon
Good for an early product, but in need of improvement.

I like the design & it holds the Deck well, I am not at all worried that it will fall over. I like the angled plug for the connector to the steam deck. I like the number of ports on the unit.

However the USB 2.0 plugs & the low speed ethernet port hold the unit back. Neither is limiting to the deck, and you don't need anything more, but having those late gen versions puts you at a disadvantage vs other products. I strongly recomend that you release a Revision B model that has USB-A 3.0 ports and Gigabit Ethernet to stay competitive.

I would like to see an improved version that has faster speed Ethernet, the USB ports all upgraded to full USB-C 3.0 ports (both USB-A ports & the USB-C PD port should all be full feature USB-C 3.0 ports, as that is the industry standard now), and the HDMI port changed to a USB-C video out port (and then included a USB-C to HDMI adaptor). Additionally, there are several dock products out there that include on board storage (either SATA SSD or n.2 drives), and additional storage is in high demand for the Steam Deck.

I would buy another of your products if you were to release a "Dock Pro" type product with High Speed Ethernet, Onboard storage, full USB-C 3.0 ports, and the more modern USB-C video output.

Over all, this is not a bad product and worth the price to have both the dock functuons and a stand for the Steam Deck, but I want to be honest and say that the low speed ports will make a lot of people consider competitive products.

Hi you

Need to clarify the question about the product:
1. Why not choose a Gigabit Ethernet port?
This will increase the cost and time of testing. In order to gain some awareness before the official dock is launched, we sacrifice some performance of the product, but the upgraded dock is already being tested and supports more functions.
2. Why choose blue 2.0
Usually black 2.0, but during the test, blue 2.0 has better bite force and better stability than black 2.0, so we chose blue 2.0, and we have stated on the website that this is 2.0 interface
(The same 3.0 upgrade is already in testing, hope we can launched it soon)
3.About Dock pro
Yes , we will release a Ultimate Version with features like hard disk NVMe/SATA protocol solid state disk, which is been testing yet :)
But will not launch so soon, still need more testing.

If you have more suggestions and comments about the product, please contact us :)

Rich q
Great dock for the Steam Deck

Just got my dock today (6/23) and can say it's very well built. Solid aluminum construction, USB-C port is the right length to plug into the top charging port, fast charge pass-through. Haven't tried the other ports yet but I am sure they work great.

Would definitely recommend.

Paul M
Nice docking station for the Steam Deck

Received the docking station this morning. Solid aluminum material, holds the deck firmly, even in combination with JSAUX's protective case.

Tested the different connections and found them to be working fine. The connections are quite stiff though; plugging and unplugging is a bit tight. Especially the RJ45/Internet input connection had to be unplugged with some force.

As the Steam docking station has been postponed this is a very solid alternative which I am happy with.

Finally got our first dock review.

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